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be wild;
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Our Green & Growing Collective

​​Wild Hive Collective CIC  is a growing network of gardeners; educators; ecologists; environmentalists and eco-warriors in the Eastleigh borough & surrounding areas, wanting to connect our local community to create more edible and wild landscapes for local resilience and brighter futures.  


Using Permaculture Design Principles, we are looking with fresh eyes at ways to draw people together and plot more accessible and sustainable local growing spaces.  By sharing our visions and pooling our know-how, we're discovering ways to collectively live more lightly within our local neighbourhoods.   

As a Community Interest Company and Changemakers for Eastleigh's Sustainability Hub, we are trialling various ways to provide hands-on, fun and inspiring nature-connected workshops, activities and support, both on our doorsteps and in our schools.  We are re-imagining all those neglected and/or under-appreciated spaces, and are appealing to people who are similarly passionate about helping us to 'grow beyond the plot' so that, together, we can transform our shared outdoor spaces into community 'soup gardens'; foraging forests; edible playgrounds; glut hubs and wilder corridors for us as part of nature.

Our Green and Growing Collective is here for anyone and everyone who is passionate about growing local resilience; capturing carbon; supporting nature and wildlife and nourishing the earth so as to nourish ourselves.


As our projects develop, so too will our need to have practical help to manifest real and meaningful change.  Keep an eye on Social Media pages for latest news and opportunities to be part of our Wild Hive collective.



Introductions and Practical Permaculture Design sessions and courses are being offered at local educational and neighbourhood venues, in outdoor spaces ripe for regeneration, and with user-groups who are supported as they themselves put the Permaculture design principles into practice.  


Gradually we are growing our collective of local practitioners and advocates for wilder gardening and nature-led learning, whilst our 'Growing Beyond the Plot' project aims to naturally create more combined Educational Community Growing spaces that demonstrate the ethics of Earth Care; People Care and Fair Share.



We feel we owe it to this generation and the next to pass on the know-how, insights and tools we, as humans, need to live healthy and sustainable lives in harmony with nature.  Using Children in Permaculture principles, our pilot 'Growing to School' project is capturing the imaginations of parents, teachers, pupils and connected communities alike.  


We are devising and delivering in-school seasonal/term-time growing and nature-connected sessions to slot in with the curriculum; carefully designed Local Grow (a meal) Kits & Packs; and guidance for the Green Teams of teachers, parents/carers and pupils wishing for greater biodiversity, climate-literacy and sustainability within their learning environments.


We are sharing our journey with many experts in the field of Outdoor Education & Forest Schooling, whilst pro-actively helping as many cohorts of young people as we can to cultivate bio-diversity and grow their own nourishing learning landscapes.



We are big fans of the Incredible Edible 'get up and grow' attitude.  Like plants, we need the right conditions to enjoy being part of the perpetual growing cycle... time; space; seeds; know-how; and care. 


We believe that by pooling our resources, sharing our spaces and connecting growers; cooks; natural craftspeople; nature-lovers and social butterflies at a hyper-local level, we can help each other and our natural environment to thrive.

We are proud to be working as Changemakers in the Community - supporting Eastleigh's new Sustainability Hub at The Point, where we will be offering and facilitating a number of activities, workshops, events and re-imagining opportunities to help manifest positive environmental change for people; nature and planet.


"A new human story founded on connection and diversity is emerging.  It's called localisation"

Helena Norberg-Hodge
Local Futures

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